• CRM keeps your customers ENGAGED and reminds them how IMPORTANT they are to YOU!

  • Qubic unifies all of your customer’s touchpoints into a central Marketing Database, making your data accessible and actionable.

  • Marketing Automation: workflows for every customer segment, targeted lifecycle communication, constant optimization driven by testing & machine learning.

  • On-Demand reporting and KPI measurement, tailored to support your business goals.

Wombat Importer

No data source is off limits – if it has an API, we’ll get it into your warehouse. And fast. Like, really fast. We’ll work with you to unify all of your touchpoints, and we guarantee your data will be there when you need it. Once your warehouse is ready, we’ll host and manage your ETL cycle, giving you real-time access to your data.

Complete Customer Profile

Our machine learning algorithm not only segments your customers, but it learns from your non-customers. The Complete Customer Profile includes data points specific to your business, and it’s always expanding. Our Profile is the most comprehensive, and drives the most powerful segmentation model on the market.

Qubic Central Data Platform

The backbone of your marketing strategy – the data platform. With your guidance, we’ll get to know your business, and design, host, and maintain an actionable data mart that suits your needs. The needs of every business is different, and the data mart we design for you will be tailored to your marketing strategy, and able to expand on the fly.

Qubic Reporting Services

On-demand KPI reporting – everything from high-level executive dashboards, to deep dives into campaign and segment performance, right at your fingertips. Pick your reporting tool — PowerBI, Tableau, SSRS – we support them all.

Wombat Email Services Platform

Our behind-the-scenes Email Services Platform automates your campaigns by keeping your segments fresh, automating your customer targeting and lifecycle workflows, and pushing list data up into your campaigns daily.

The Qubic Promise

We’re so confident in our strategies that we’ll put our money where our mouth is: we guarantee a positive ROI. That’s right – we guarantee that our strategies will increase your revenue and grow your business. And if we’re wrong, we’ll pay the difference.


Make your marketing smarter by centralizing your fragmented customer data into one unified platform. Who we integrate with:

Advertising Sources

Aggregate and collect first-party data from advertising sources to gain insight into customer interaction with your brand placements.

Customer Data Sources/CRM

Use Qubic to unify your customer data across multiple CRM and data collection platforms. Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, just to name a few.

Digital Monitoring Tools

Using data from your existing DMPs, we’ll aggregate your digital monitoring needs into a single dashboard view, making insights more accessible.

Email & Web Platforms

Qubic will collect data from ESPs and web sources, and then pass back profile data and segments to drive targeted marketing efforts and strategy.

The Qubic Mission

Our story and our founders.

Understanding and connecting every possible interaction a person has with your brand is a daunting task. We live in the information age – an age where people are consuming media from every direction. The average company with a digital presence has over ten touchpoints; the tentacles of a brand can sprawl in every direction and a customer’s path from prospect to brand ambassador can be almost impossible to accurately track, much less turn into an actionable strategy.

Enter Qubic. Our full-stack, data-driven marketing strategies are not only intelligent, but they’ve been proven to drive higher ROIs and dramatically increase brand awareness. We start by using our proprietary source mapping tools to connect all of your disparate data sources into one tidy data warehouse. From there, we build your marketing data mart with a schema tailored specifically for your business and goals. Behind the scenes, our machine learning algorithms are getting to know your customers’ behavior, creating profiles and segments for the individual, and defining what your “best customer” looks like starting with acquisition and continuing through their entire lifecycle.

Our Complete Customer Profile powers the predictive modeling and segmentation we use to drive marketing strategies, resulting in personalized, targeted campaigns to aimed at maximizing lifetime values.  Our automated lifecycle campaigning tools take the work out of your hands; and our real-time database is constantly making sure the most effective marketing tactics are being employed to each customer segment.

We strive to be agile. Our data modeling allows us to rapidly adjust campaigns in response to test results, and our reporting suite gives you real-time performance tracking and insights. We work with all the major ESPs: MailChimp, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Marketo; you name it, and we can incorporate it.

At Qubic, we believe that our CRM platform is the smartest one on the market, and we believe that because we’re constantly working to make it more intelligent. We employ the most recent machine learning technologies to provide our clients with the most relevant, actionable data to drive retention, growth, and acquisition.

Make your marketing smarter.

Dean Pennington

Dean Pennington

President, Strategy & Analytics

Co-Founded Qubic Marketing in 2010. Dean has over a decade of experience in consumer analytics, database design, and CRM strategy, and has worked with many major brands across various industries.

Anthony Alario

Anthony Alario

Chief Technology Officer

Co-Founded Qubic Marketing in 2010. Anthony is a modern-technology prodigy with a diverse background, covering everything from software development and engineering, to machine learning and AI.

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